Foldbook is a unique 3D paper construction in the form of the book that you can turn into any sculpture.

Capture a memorable date, the initials of two names, a motivational inscription or just your favorite symbol in pages folded by your hands. It all depends only on your imagination! Our generator will turn your idea into a simple instruction, according to which you will fold the sheets of the book and get a unique piece of decoration.

Elegant and stylish sculpture will look organically in any interior. Create your own art object with Foldbook.art

You can fold your significant date, an inscription, your initials or any symbol. You can also use the gallery and choose a ready-made assembly solution.

Examine the removable yellow cover of the book. On it you will find tips for folding the sheets and a unique 8-character code. Then it's simple: on our website use this code, enter or choose what you want to fold. You will see a model of your book in 3D. Get the instructions to your e-mail address or start assembling using the button on the site. You can get 3 instructions per code.

On the fold of the removable yellow cover you can find folding instructions with visual examples.

On the pages of the book you will see markings divided into 4 sectors. In the instructions, you will come across combinations of letters and numbers that will indicate a specific marking on the page.

Each page of the book should be folded twice. The pages should be folded at right angles. If this is not possible, change the angle by placing the corner of the sheet as close to the binding as possible.

Our generator is made to suit you, and you are free to control the speed of assembly and voiceover in the generator, by either increasing and decreasing it.

It all depends on the speed of assembly, on average it takes about 4 hours to fold a sculpture.

For this case we have added to the assembly generator a search for the page where you left off. It is at the upper left corner.

The book sculpture should be kept away from humidity, fire and direct sunlight. Periodically, you can gently sweep the dust off the pages with a soft brush.

Yes, a child can assemble the Foldbook under your supervision, the instructions are very simple and the folding process will not cause difficulties even for young creators. The age limit of the product is 14+.

We believe that the point of the product is in the folding process, we do not produce finished sculptures.

We have prepared for you a gallery with interesting sculpture options for all tastes.

Please, check your SPAM folder and the correctness of the email you entered on the web-site. You can also start folding online or download the pdf file from our generator right after creating the instructions. If there is still no email, write to us at info@foldbook.art and we will definitely help you!

You can find out more about cooperation by contacting us at: info@foldbook.art

We are always glad to receive your letters and are open to cooperation.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please write to us at info@foldbook.art